Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Time Really Does Fly...

When you’re having fun.

Such a cliché, but so true.  Today, my sweet Cameron Kate is three months old.

         How did that happen?!

Wasn’t it just yesterday that the doctor cried out, “It really IS a toddler!”

Wasn’t it just yesterday my husband sat in the chair in the delivery room, holding our baby girl while tears streamed down his face?

         How in the WORLD is she three months old?!

I have to say that the past three months have been the best, happiest months of my life.  And that I now know the meaning of the often quipped cliché, “Time flies when you’re having fun.”

Unfortunately, all of the fun and time flyin’ means I’m a mere two weeks away from the end of my maternity leave.  And I can’t really complain, because with all of the holidays, I ended up getting about 15 weeks.  (Only 6 were paid for with short-term disability pay… the other 9 went unpaid.  Which means I have a very supportive hub and we’ve made lots of sacrifices!)  But I’m gonna complain anyway, because it sucks.  And I know every working mom goes through the whole leaving-their-baby-to-get-back-to-reality thing, but that doesn’t make it any less painful.  How am I going to survive without seeing her sweet face, her gummy smiles, and hearing her new sounds all day, everyday?

However, I refuse to dwell on the ache in my heart that rears its ugly head anytime I think of handing over my baby girl to “school” (which is what I’m calling it… sounds so much better than daycare!) and walking away.  Or at least I refuse to dwell on it any time I’m with Cameron.  That’s the deal I made with myself.  I can cry all I want if she’s down for a nap, or once she’s gone to bed – but I fully intend on savoring every single moment I have left with her before I go back to work.

Today we were able to go turn in some paperwork and meet her teachers.  Her lead teacher, Miss Katy, is awesome.  She said she’d cry right along with me while we make this transition. J  Cameron is going to do two half-day trials next Thursday and Friday, and she’ll start full-time on the 23rd when I go back to work.  The place we’re taking Cameron is phenomenal – five stars, accredited – the whole shebang.  So really, if she can’t stay at home with me, this is the next best place. 

And unfortunately, since my hub and I like to live in a house and eat food, I have to go back to work.

So we’ll figure it out… I’ll put one foot in front of the other, and it’ll all be okay in the end.  I know my baby girl will thrive and grow and develop in an awesome environment, and I’ll just try to look forward to the summer when I get to have her back in my arms all day long.  (Thanks again for the pep talk today, Lu... I'll need many more!)

         Ok, on to some happy, cheerful news.

         Cameron’s BFF is here!!!!

My sister welcomed her beautiful baby girl last Thursday.  Raleigh Jane was 8 lbs and 21 inches of pure beauty.  Cameron and I are SO excited.  We’ve already had lots of FaceTime talks and swapped many videos and pics.  Cameron and Raleigh already enjoy chatting it up in their baby blabber, sharing secrets my sister and I will never know. J  If being pregnant at the same time as Linds wasn’t awesome enough, the fact that we have two little girls three months apart just about takes the cake.  I can’t WAIT to see how the girls grow up and become friends… I just imagine Linds and I sitting in a kitchen when we’re older, and more wrinkly, hearing our girls giggle and whisper down the hallway. J  And Cameron gets to finally meet Miss Raleigh this weekend when we head to Atlanta!!  Of course there will be tons of pics to follow, but here’s a sneak peek of my sweet niece.

         Enjoy some more pics from the past week, while I go enjoy my last few days with my daughter!!
 Snuggles while she was still recovering from her post-Christmas, 2-week cold.
 The loves of my life!
 Tummy time!
 Cameron's first note to her BFF
 Holy cheeks!
The best part of my hub's day
 3-month photo shoot!
Happy girl! 
 Me and my bug

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