Monday, November 28, 2011

4 Pounds, George Costanza, and Giving Thanks

This blog post comes a little late due to my attempt to get some online shopping done during Cyber Monday!  Cameron was SO sweet to follow a pretty strict eat, play, sleep routine today, letting mommy sneak in some online buys during her naps. J

Anyway, in other news I had my 6-week postpartum checkup last week.  4 POUNDS folks – that’s all that stands between me and my pre-pregnancy weight.  Now I have to admit that I was SHOCKED to see the number on the scale.  A little excited, and relieved, but shocked nonetheless.  How the heck am I only 4 pounds away, yet none of my jeans fit?!  I guess I’ve got all kinds of new curves, thanks to my sweet girl.  Small price to pay. J

Now, in reference to George Costanza – surely you know who he is (cue Seinfeld theme song!) – our gorgeous, adorable baby girl’s hairline now resembles that of ol’ George.  Slowly but surely she’s lost her hair, with it creeping back, yet remaining on the sides and back of her head.  Poor little thing looks just like George Costanza. 

The proof is all over her crib – tiny little hairs are everywhere!  Her dad insists on her wearing hair bows anytime we go out in public – the problem is, she doesn’t have enough hair to hold the clip-in kind, and with her head being in the 98th percentile, most hair bows on a band leave indentions in her head.  Oh well – we obviously still think she’s the most adorable little girl we’ve ever seen. J

In more important news, we had a wonderful first Thanksgiving with Cameron Kate.  This ol’ mama was incredibly nervous about our first road trip (granted we were only traveling 45 minutes away!), but the hub’s parents were extremely accommodating and wonderful and made me feel so comfortable being away from my bubble. J  THANK YOU PAPA AND GRAMMY PEELE!  Thank you not only for the delicious food (man can my mother-in-law cook!), but thank you for giving us a home away from home and, most importantly, for loving our little girl so, so much.  This was a Thanksgiving I will remember for the rest of my life. J

Our sweet Cameron has been growing like a weed and does something new everyday.  I cannot get enough of her smiles, and coos, and all of her different sounds.  She’s just started to give me a big, gummy grin every morning when I go to get her out of her crib.  It melts my heart!  She is SUCH a good baby, really only fusses if she’s gassy or overly tired, and is pretty much sleeping through the night.  She sleeps and naps in her crib, falling asleep on her own after we put her down when she’s drowsy.  She has been such a trooper during my breastfeeding struggles, and she’s still hanging in there while I continue to try to master it.  She HATES tummy time.  She’s always “milk drunk” right after she eats, which lasts about 5 minutes or so before she wakes up and is ready to “play.”  She LOVES her playmat and is perfectly content to lay on her back and be left alone while she looks around.  She LOVES the taste of gripe water and is so cute while she drinks it.  She has the smelliest gas you could ever imagine.  Her ears look totally different from each other – just like her mama’s. J  Her “angel kiss” on her left eyelid is slowly fading, and while I thought I would like to see it disappear, it makes me sad that a trace of her newborn-ness is fading away.  She LOVES when you sing to her.  She loves to be bounced while you’re sitting on a yoga ball.  She rarely poops (such a lady!).  She likes to suck on a paci to help herself fall asleep, but doesn’t really care for it any other time.  She is perfection, from her George Costanza hair to her extra long toes. J

Can you tell I’m wrapped around her sweet fingers?!

 Playmat time!  She rolled from her back to her side! (P.S.  Notice the hairline?!)
 Heading to my checkup... The doctors and nurses loved her, too!
 Lounging with Grammy Peele...
 And then they fell asleep - so sweet!
 A quick, pre-Thanksgiving feast nap with Dad!
 Love her!
 Now a nap with Papa!
 The Peeles!
 Cheering on the Tigers!  (Obviously she didn't cheer hard enough!)
Headed to get her first Christmas tree!!

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