Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A CHEERio 1st Birthday Party for my CHEERful Caboose!

So, I wasn't gonna do a first birthday party for Brooks.  Because #thirdkid and because - if I'm being honest - my life is completely upside down right now.


Then my mama-guilt set in, and while 6 years into this mama gig I am all about avoiding a birthday party until the kid actually knows what's going on - there's something about the FIRST birthday that is just so special.

So, about three weeks ago I decided to throw something together, and it turned out so cute, I think!

The best part?  Brooks really and truly had such a great day.  In true Brooks form, he was giggly and joyful and smiley and pretty much just happy to be there.

So without further ado, here is how I decided to celebrate my Cheerio-loving caboose and his first year of life:
Invitations (and all printables) by KMThomas Designs - and she was AWESOME!
The most basic, handmade smash cake.  But I will say, it was delish!
His adorably perfect onesie by a local friend who does amazing things (and on very short notice after this slack mama realized I had nothing for him to wear a few days before the party!).
Cereal bowl favors.
Coloring sheets!  I also had a station to make Cheerios jewelry, but it was a bust.
 OMIGOODNESS his face when we sang him "Happy Birthday..." <3
We wore yellow.  And we smiled.  And we laughed and ran and played and jumped and ate too much and sang and watched this little ray of sunshine soak in every single minute of a day that was all about him and his happy, joyful self.  Thank you to everyone who came and helped celebrate Brooks and his very first birthday... <3


  1. Loved his face when we sang! I tried to get a picture of it too! Sweetest thing ever! He adores his momma! You did a wonderful job with the party!

    1. And I'm not sure why that photo or just three names pop up with my comment?

  2. Such a cute birthday party theme. I would have never guessed you threw it together at the last minute. It looked like so much fun