Friday, April 14, 2017

5 on Friday and Hiiiiiiiiiii

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii and yes I'm still alive over here.

Life's shenanigans currently have me stepping away from blogging a little bit, but I do want to make sure I update about the kiddos when I can.  I use this as a "scrapbook" and get it printed into an actual, hardback book every year, so it's important to me to document them as much as possible.

So here's a little Five on Friday, all about my trio.

First things first, though.  Is Easter candy a food group in your house this time of year, or is it just me?  For some reason I am allllll about it right now, and someone needs to come take all of this sugar out of my house!

Anyway... last week was spring break, and I decided to put on my big girl panties and take a road trip with all three kids by myself.  We traveled over 900 miles total -- first to Columbia to see my parents, then to Charleston to see four of my five siblings.  We went to the zoo and playgrounds and an Easter egg hunt and Charlestowne Landing and the beach and ate gourmet cupcakes and had lots of good food and drinks.  And it was all just so needed and so perfect.  And also?  I am still exhausted and it'll probably take me a few more days to fully recover!

Y'all, my sweet butterball of a caboose is now seven months old and oh how I love him.  Six to nine months is one of my most favorite times with babies... and he is just an absolute joy.  And this was a big month for Brooks!  He is sitting up and crawling and drooling and using a sippy cup and eating all kinds of baby food:  oatmeal and sweet potatoes and squash and avocado and bananas and apples to name a few.  He also tried puffs and loves mum mums.  He rides in the stroller like a big boy now (no more car seat attachment!) and is starting to show some separation anxiety.  He had his first double ear infection, but stayed sweet as can be through it all.  He loves to hear his own voice via screeching, smacks me in the face while he's nursing, and is very very (VERY) easily distracted.  He smiles at any and everyone, but thinks his big brother and sister hung the moon.  You guys... I was absolutely shocked when I found out I was pregnant with Brooks, but God knew exactly what He was doing when He gave me this little boy. <3

Call me a sucker for a celebration, but this past week we had a tiny little half birthday thingy for my girl.  I know, I know... ridiculous.  But she has been so excited about turning five-AND-A-HALF and I loved making a big deal out of it for her.  This girl is my mini-me, and I truly do look forward to every day as her mama.  She still loves her Ellie, loves to be silly, and loves being a big sister.  She is bossy and type-A and always wants to know the plan (where in the world did she get those traits?!).  She loves quesadillas and oranges and popsicles and pizza and ranch dressing and Jesus.  She has such a kind, sensitive heart and is always worried about the people around her.  She is a people-pleaser and cannot stand to know that she's disappointed someone.  She follows rules and is emotionally-driven.  She is falling in love with soccer, and it brings me so much joy to watch her become passionate about something!  She loves to be outside, and has the most incredible imagination I have ever seen.  Five-AND-A-HALF has been a magical age for her, and everyday I am more and more proud of the little lady she is becoming...

And not to be left out, I'll just leave this right here...
This boy, you guys.  Since the day he was born, I have been such a sucker for him.  And he is t-r-o-u-b-l-e.  Hilarious and sweet sweet sweet, but sneaky and always testing the limits.  He is equal parts deep breaths and snuggles, and I think I will forever be wrapped around his tiny little rule-breaking fingers.

With that, I say TGIF and have a wonderful ~Easter~ weekend!

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