Friday, January 13, 2017

The Friday Five!

TGIF!  Can I get an AMEN!!

So last Saturday the entire little town of Carrollton woke up with a collective WOMP WOMP.  The inches of predicted snow were nowhere to be seen.  Instead we had some very thin, lame patches of ice sprinkled sporadically throughout our lawn and on our back deck.  Regardless, CK and E were ready to suit up and put our newly purchased snowboard/sled thingy to good use!
E mostly ate icicles off of any and everything he could put his mouth on, and CK had an absolute blast sledding leaf sliding and stayed outside as long as we let her... and she had quite the rosy cheeks to prove it. :)  I guess in good ol' GA we'll take what we can get!

One reason I was so ready to get back into our post-holiday routine is that I missed my quiet time in the mornings.  For me to have a good start to my day, I need some alone time with my coffee and Jesus before the rest of the house stirs.  Right now I am finding my time with God through an online devotional my incredible sister is heading up based around this book.  I am also about to start reading this book for my Wednesday night bible study, and I'm really excited about it!  But perhaps what I am most excited about is the fact that once I'm finished with my alone time, CK joins me and we do her devotional together.  I absolutely cherish our sweet moments together and hope it instills in her the importance to make God a part of your life from the moment your eyes open each morning!

Y'all... my little buddy is finally getting his turn at swimming lessons and omigoodness I am so proud of him.  He has watched his sissy swim at her lessons for about a year and a half, and was so excited when he found out it was his turn!  His first lesson was this week and he rocked it!  His teacher, who is pretty much the kid-whisperer, said she was amazed at how well he did and that he surpassed multiple levels during his first lesson.  He laughed and smiled and giggled the whole time and has not stopped talking about it!

And I can't forget to mention the fact that our little caboose turned four months old this week!
He also had his four-month checkup, where he clocked in at 25.75" and 16lbs 8oz - the exact same weight as Everette at four months!  He is just a'growin and a'changin and is aaaamazing.  He is at the point of babyhood where everyday brings on a new discovery and I could just eat him up.
We're still dealing with an insane amount of spit up and a facial rash that the doc thinks is either eczema or a dairy allergy (nooooo!).  But since he's generally happy and growing like a weed we're just going to keep an eye on things and try some topical creams for his sweet little red cheeks.
I love him so much, you guys.  He is a great big butterball of squishy happiness and the absolute best ending punctuation on my story of motherhood.

So, I've been in a bit of a funk lately and have been kind of questioning why I blog.  It's pretty narcissistic, I get that... to think anyone really cares to read what's going on in our little house in GA or in my crazy, chaotic brain.  And in the midst of daily stress it may seem silly to complain about not having time to get stuff done, yet I make time for this.  I don't know, I've just been reflecting a lot and wondering where this fits into my world right now.  And honestly?  Writing is such a passion of mine.  Truth be told, if I had the opportunity to write for a living, I'd jump all over it.  And also?  It is so therapeutic for me, so important for me to sit down and just let it out.  I cannot tell you how many things I write and never publish - but just getting them from my head/heart to the screen makes me feel like the weight of the world is off of my shoulders.  The last reason this little corner of the internet is so important to me is because every year I have that year's entries printed into a book, pictures and all.  There's a website that does it for you.  Having my blog printed into books that now line a shelf in our living room keeps me motivated to keep on writing, because I want my children to have these little snippets of our lives at their fingertips when they are older.
Anyway, not sure where that word explosion came from... I think it's just that during a season of life when things are so chaotic, I have so many words in my heart that are dying to jump onto this screen and I hope I can keep finding the time to get it all down.  And I have learned that I certainly cannot freeze this precious time of my life, so the next best thing for me to do is to mold the moments and the memories into words and sentences and paragraphs and write it all down so that I never forget...

And with that, I wish you a wonderful weekend and will be saying CHEERS with the rest of my happy hour lovers in T-minus three-and-a-half hours!


  1. Girl I love this post and I LOVE your blog! Please keep writing forever and ever because I will be reading it :)

    Also, our giant winter storm was a big dud too ;)