Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Favorites

I'm here with a quick edition of Friday Favorites because my brain and exhaustion level can't handle much more than that!  HA!

So here are a few things I'm currently loving...

*Chatbooks!  If you use Instagram, you HAVE to use Chatbooks.  It's a program that prints your IG photos into a book once you have 60.  You can name the book, organize them, delete photos you don't want in your book, etc.  Instagram has always been my most favorite form of social media, and now it serves an even better purpose!  I have a whole shelf of Chatbooks in our living room, and love when I get a new one in the mail!

*My handy husband.  Seriously.  I know I take for granted just how handy he is, but lately he has been busting his butt around this house while we try to get into baby-mode, and I am just so lucky he can do any and everything and fix any and everything!

*Bumble & Bumble All-Style Blow Dry Creme.  This stuff has been life-changing for me!  Seriously!!  Last time I got my haircut, my stylist used this before blow drying and told me it would extend the life of my wash.  I have the thinnest, finest, straightest, most greasy-prone hair and have always had to wash it pretty much everyday.  Or wear a hat.  Until this.  I am obsessed!  I can go several days without washing now if I use this and blow dry my hair.  As a pregnant mama of two?  LIFE-CHANGING!

*Shaved ice in the summer.  Bonus points if I'm eating with my crew while sitting on the tailgate.

*Netflix.  I've said it before, but I love getting hooked into a show and being able to watch episode after episode.  T and I just started Breaking Bad, and I just caught up to the current episode of Scandal.  What should I start next?  Any suggestions??

*The Olympics!  I am all about some Olympics, and usually grieve for awhile when they end, so sad that I have to wait another four years until they're back.  I've been watching as many of the trials as possible - with gymnastics being a personal fave - and can't wait until the real deal starts next month!

*Snapchat!  I'm somewhat new to the Snapchat game, but I think it's so fun!  Want to follow our shenanigans?  You can find me under jmpeele.

*Peaches.  My current pregnancy obsession.  I could eat several a day, but then there wouldn't be any for the kids, and they love them, too!

*Nesting!  It sure is exhausting, having this underlying, nonstop drive to clean ALL the things and purge ALL the things.  But I love when the nesting phase of pregnancy comes along.

*BEACH TRIPS!!!!  Which is where we're headed tomorrow for a full, glorious week.  It's our annual BLOMPS beach trip, and this year we will have twelve adults and nine kiddos in one house.  Let the fun chaos begin... And I'll be back around these parts post-vacation - hopefully a little more tan and definitely a lot more pregnant!

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