Monday, July 25, 2016

BLOMPS Beach Trip 2016

We had SUCH an awesome trip to the beach with our BLOMPS crew!  It was equal parts hilarious and fun and chaotic and wonderful and exhausting and relaxing and oh so memorable.  So without further ado, enjoy way too many pics as I attempt to document a week I will never forget!

These two were inseparable from the second we pulled into the beach house:

E went to the beach for the first time last year, but he obviously has no memory of that.  So this year it was like seeing it for the first time all over again, through his sweet brown eyes.  Needless to say, he was in awe, and loved every single second:

And this little girl couldn't love the beach more if she tried:

There was lots of cornhole going on:

And water balloons for the littles:

Love him so!

My <3

My better half, who thankfully did about 90% of the parenting while we were there because this big mama was TIRED:

Meet Franc:

Putt-putt with the older cousins:

Daddy/son beach day:


We celebrated Skylar's birthday at the beach with a Dory-themed party and movie-showing!

And snuggled sweet baby Finn, just two months old:

Peele party of 4, almost 5:

My older sister brought her fancy camera and showed off her photog skills, snapping some pretty awesome pictures!

And then we had some fun:

My brave parents volunteered to watch all 9 kiddos one night, so us grown kiddos could have a night out!  We went to one of those Escape Room places, where you have 60 minutes to get out of a locked room by figuring out puzzles based on clues, etc.  It was SO fun!  And we escaped!!  We then had a delicious seafood dinner at a local restaurant, and got home to a quiet house with all 9 kiddos asleep.

Last beach day!

We ended the trip with our annual sparklers/night fishing on the beach, soaking in every last second:

It really was such an awesome week... And a HUGE thank-you goes to my parents, who make this trip possible each and every year. <3
And PS... we weren't even out of the beach house driveway when CK asked, "When can we go back?!"  I think we'll all be counting down until next year's trip!!

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