Friday, May 8, 2015

Half of a Year

This stud muffin had his six month checkup this afternoon:


Half of a year!

I know it's so cliche to say, but I cannot believe half of a year has passed since I heard, "It's a boy!"

It has been the happiest, most chaotic, busiest, most wonderful, most joyful, best six months of my entire life.  And while it has gone by quickly, I have definitely been soaking up every single second with my son.  (I still love saying "my son" so so much!!)

As his checkup today he was 27" long (75th percentile) and 18 pounds (55th percentile).  I really couldn't believe his weight percentile wasn't higher, he's such a butterball!  He's almost sitting up by himself and will roll from his back to his belly, but still refuses to roll from belly to back.  Now that he's rolling, he'll usually start out sleeping on his back, but ends up on his left side or his belly, face-down.  When he's having play time on his tummy, he will push all the way up on his arms and scoot himself backwards.  I am NOT ready for him to be mobile!

He LOVES to suck the first two fingers on his left hand, which I find to be adorable.  He sucks on them to soothe himself and to put himself to sleep.

He recently dropped a nap, and is now down to three.  He likes to go to sleep soon after he wakes up in the morning, does a pretty decent afternoon nap, and a cat nap in the evening.  I think he's close to being down to just two naps!

A couple weeks ago he got TWO TEETH!  I couldn't believe it.  At first it made me sad to say goodbye to his gummy grin, but now I think those two bottom teeth are just the cutest.

We started solids this month, which I had been putting off as long as I could.  I am loving nursing him and found pride in being his sole source of nutrition!  And also?  I was too lazy to introduce foods.  Ha!  But now we're knee-deep in rice cereal, oatmeal, and veggies (that I'm making myself!), with fruits to follow soon.  So far he's loving sweet potatoes and squash, but isn't too sure about peas and carrots.  He does so well eating from a spoon and slams his hand down on the high chair tray when he wants more!  We've already started introducing baby sign language, and hopefully it'll work as well for him as it did for his big sister.

He loves to jump in his jumperoo and doorway jumper, he is obsessed with Bailey (our dog), he is incredibly ticklish, and he pretty much thinks CK hung the moon.  One look from her will send him into fits of belly giggles, and it pretty much makes my heart want to explode.

My sweet, happy, snuggly Everette Lawrence...

Every time I look in your eyes, I am reminded of how important it is to never lose hope.  To keep fighting.  To trust, and to have faith.  You are such a ray of sunshine, and I am completely wrapped around those chubby little fingers.  Thank you for making so many dreams come true for me and for your dad.  And also, buddy-roo, thank you for teaching your sister what unconditional love feels like. We are all better, because of you.

Happy half birthday, E!

I love you with all my heart and soul,

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