Friday, May 15, 2015

Five on Friday!

Whew.  Excuse my absence.  

We've spent this week meeting our health insurance deductible.


So, my OBGYN ordered a pretty detailed blood panel (just because I'm 32 now and she's awesome about being thorough, which is why I love her).  Anyway, I didn't think twice about it.  Then the nurse called to tell me I have Hashimoto's Disease.  Wait, what?!  That's how I responded.  You hear the word "disease" and kinda freak out.  But in the world of health crises, this really is small potatoes and for that, I am thankful.  Basically, it's an autoimmune disease where my body is attacking my thyroid and my thyroid refuses to fight back.  Step up to the plate, thyroid!  An ultrasound showed a small cyst on the ol' thyroid, but the cyst isn't big enough to biopsy or remove at this point.  So all of this means I've started some meds to help give my body what my thyroid can't because it's under siege.  I go back to the doc in a month to assess how the meds are working based on another blood draw.  And I'll have yearly ultrasounds to monitor the cyst.  And word on the street is that this medicine could make me feel better all over - not that I've been feeling bad - but maybe I didn't even realize I was feeling bad?!
Got a tiny bit nervous when I showed up at the hospital for my ultrasound and they made it so serious and official.

And also, CK had surgery yesterday.  Again, in the world of health crises, it was a minor surgery, and for that, we are so thankful.  But anytime you put your child under anesthesia, it is so scary.  She had tubes put in back in November of 2012, and they were life-changing for her and for us.  Well, long story short, one of those tubes came out, and that ear has been full of fluid for over 120 days and continues to fail a Eustachian tube pressure test.  So after lots of prayers and discussion and giving her body a chance to resolve the issues on its own, we ultimately decided to put in a new set of tubes and have her adenoids removed.  Because of the adenoids, she had to go completely under - like IV, breathing tube, the whole nine yards.  Good news is they pretty much gave her kid-safe valium before they took her away, which made her drunk as a skunk.  It.was.hilarious.  No really - we took videos.  Provided quite the comic relief while I was a nervous wreck.  Bad news is just like last time, she was OUT OF HER MIND when she was coming out of the anesthesia.  I heard her coming down the hallway, looked at T, and said, "Uh oh.  Here she comes."  Y'all, it was awful.  It's hard to see your child lose her mind - she was screaming, exorcist-style, rearing back and slapping T across the face multiple times.  But she had no clue what she was doing.  And she'd go back and forth between acting possessed and then crying and saying, "I'm so scared."  Oh my mama heart.  Luckily it's behind us now.  A couple viewings of Frozen, some donut holes, a trip to Target to get a surprise for being so brave, and our girl is on the mend.  She's still a little puny, but hopefully she'll be back to her wild, silly, threenager self in a couple days.
Being so brave.
SO drunk, y'all.
Oh, my girl.

And lastly on the topic of meeting-our-deductible, E has been referred to a neuro doc for plagiocephaly.  Or flat head, for all you who don't speak doctor.  I've brought up my concerns about his flat head at each of his well checks, but our ped has said she wasn't worried about it one bit.  Honestly, we try to keep him off his head at all times, unless he's in his car seat or in his crib.  And he sleeps about 13 hours at night on his back in his crib, so there's really only so much we can do!  Anyway, we saw a different ped for his 6-month well check and she thought it was time to see a specialist to determine if a helmet is needed.  To be honest, I'm a little miffed because if we were going to do this, I would've preferred to do it months ago.  His head has almost fused together, meaning our window to reshape it is closing.  But, it is what it is.  If we have to put him in a helmet, he'll rock it.  And if he has to live his life with a flat-ish head, then he'll rock that, too!
Hi!  The back of my head is flat!
Ok, no more health updates.
CK had her last tball game on Monday!  While it got a little crazy sometimes have 2-3 games a week, I am definitely sad that the season is over.  I absolutely loved watching her "play."  And by play I mean pick grass and ask when they would get to say "Good game!" so they could eat their snacks.  But she actually ended up being a pretty good hitter!  They pitch to them three times, and if they don't hit, then they get the tee.  Well, a few times she hit a pitch!  I will always remember seeing her in her uniform for the first time, watching her turn around and smile so proudly at me as she ran to first, giving me a thumbs up when she knew she was doing a good job, and how excited she was to get her first trophy.

I'm babysitting my niece Addison, starting tomorrow!!  My brother and his wife are taking a much-deserved trip to Cancun, and I (maybe crazily?!) volunteered for Addy to stay in GA with us.  So I'm meeting them at the airport during their layover in Atlanta tomorrow morning to scoop up sweet Addy-girl, and she's gonna be at Camp Peele all week!  My brother and his wife fly back in next Thursday, and then they are going to spend the weekend with us before they drive back home.  As y'all know, my family is pretty big, so even when we see each other, we rarely get to spend QT with individual people.  Therefore I am SO looking forward to soaking in so much one-on-one time with this precious girl:  
Luckily for me, my mother-in-law is coming to help me because THREE KIDS THREE AND UNDER y'all.  And to all of the people out there who have said, "Well, now you'll know what it's like to have three kids!" Um, no.  Most people don't have a one year old and six-month-old because it's not physically possible (and probably for good reason, ha!).  But I'm ready for the chaos and have stocked up on diapers, wipes, cotton-candy-flavored Oreos (yes, those exist), red wine, and a Blue Moon summer sampler pack.  

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oof! What a week!

    Hashimotos would definitely explain why You feel like your body hasnt "bounced back" as quickly this time around after baby(although I think you look great!) it also makes total sense to me after all the jacking around the RE had to do to your poor hormones to get you those babies!

    Sweet CK and E! So glad they're doing so well- even with all the other stuff going on!!

    1. Yes! Hopefully this new medicine will get my body in check. It's weird, though, because of course the thyroid is one of the first things an RE checks. I'm wondering if it happened after E?

  2. FWIW... Elle's head is kind of flat and misshapen. The only issues she has is finding a proper fitting bike helmet. ;)