Friday, December 5, 2014

1 Month

It has been the fastest, happiest, most surreal, best month of my entire life.

We are so in love with our E... our little boy... our SON.

Our fighter, our "Rocky," our miracle.

This month has brought with it so many moments that seem too good to be true, moments that have T and I asking each other and ourselves what we did to deserve such a blessed life.  We are just so happy...

My sweet Everette,

You have made our lives feel so complete and have already brought us so much joy.  Especially your big sister... Oh how she loves you.  She always finds a way to sneak you a hug, kiss, or a "Hey Buddy-Roo!" when no one is looking.

Time with you is already going by way too quickly, though I must admit that this time around I'm much better about savoring the little moments...  And while every sunrise I am so grateful to have another day to spend with you, I'm also sad that another day of you being so little has passed.  These moments are fleeting...

I am so lucky to be your mama.  Looking at you will always, always remind me to never lose hope.  We fought so hard to meet you, and you were worth every bit of that fight. <3

I love you, buddy.  With all of my heart and soul.

Just wanted to update - when E finally had his 1-month checkup (which was technically at 5 weeks old), he was 12lbs 3oz.  Big boy!

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