Friday, May 9, 2014

My First Five on Friday!

I'm linking up to some other wonderful bloggers for my first ever Five on Friday post!  After the heaviness of my last post, I thought an end-of-the-week randoms was due. :)

 O N E
I ate vegetables for the first time yesterday in about two months.  Y'all, the morning all-day sickness has this poor baby has pretty much only ingested carbs and cheese (with some random Cadbury eggs thrown into the mix).  So when I had even the slightest desire for some carrots yesterday, I ate almost half of the bag.  I'm so happy that I can hopefully, finally start eating a little better (while also letting myself indulge as every pregnant woman should!).  Also, I'll blog more on my random cravings and aversions soon... 

I need a home decorator.  And the motivation to get started.  It's like we moved in and I was all "LET'S DO THIS"... and then I wasn't.  Four months in and there are still boxes and random stuff everywhere and not a single room is even close to being finished.

I am really, really falling in love with our new town.  I have made some awesome friends, friends who have opened up their hearts to this random new girl from NC.  And there are so many charming things about living in such a small town - like Mayfest, which we attended last weekend.  An event downtown in The Square that was full of venders, fun for the kiddos, and full of calorie-laden, delicious food.  After fried goodies, boiled peanuts, cotton candy, and shaved ice, I more than made up for two months of a questionable palate.

I heart Mother's Day, you guys.  So much.  It means more to me than any birthday I'll ever have, because being a mama is my favorite.  And I feel so incredibly blessed to be a mama to my sweet CK and our little "Rocky" who is hopefully kicking butt and taking names in my tummy.  Also?  I am so lucky to have three moms in my life who help me be a better person, everyday.  To my mama - I am who I am today, because of you.  And I could not have survived the past year and a half without your strength and love.  To Sandy - your giving heart and selflessness are two things I constantly strive to possess.  I love being a part of your family and hope you know how much we cherish you.  To Bonnie - every time we are together, I wish we had more time.  You have always brought me a sense of peace, a calming voice... and I will forever cherish the sweet little messages you sent me during some very dark times.  I love all three of you and hope you feel so special on Mother's Day, and always!

During my blogging absence, my older sister gave birth to #3... a baby we were all DYING to meet because we didn't know the gender!  And it was.... A BOY!!!!!  Harrison Robert, a bundle of perfect sweetness...
Picture by the amazing Volree Photography, who is in the Charlotte, NC area.

If that picture doesn't melt your heart, I don't know what will.  And even better... I get to snuggle him again in 48 hours!!!!  CK, my little sister, and I are headed to visit the Luton clan so my sister doesn't have to go at it alone with three kiddos while her hub is out of town for work.  It's gonna be exhausting, but it's gonna be awesome.  And I cannot get that sweet little boy back in my arms soon enough!

Have a great weekend and to all you mamas out there, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

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  1. "this poor baby has pretty much only ingested carbs and cheese (with some random Cadbury eggs thrown into the mix)" L to the OL. So funny.

    I'm glad you hopped on the 5 on Friday ship :)