Monday, April 7, 2014

Long Time, No See


Long time, no see.

I think that is officially the longest blog break I've taken since I started tapping away at the keyboard a little over three years ago.

Sorry for my absence!  I really don't have a good excuse to share, except that, well, things have just been a bit busy.  And while I have quite a few heartfelt blogs in draft mode, I just haven't been moved to "share" them yet.  I never want to write just for the hell of it - I really do write when I'm moved to say something or need some cheap, er, free therapy.  So, it was a much needed blog break, I guess.  But... I'm back.  I'm sure you're all so relieved.  (Is my sarcasm obvious?)

So thanks for your patience in my absence, to those of you who haven't completely abandoned me.  And get ready to be knocked off your seat with some easing-back-into-the-blogging-world-randoms.

*So, let's see... I really have been busy since my last post!  I took a trip to Charleston to meet my beautiful, perfect, new niece Addison.  CK and I spent four days at my brother and sister-in-law's house eating lots of yummy food, hitting up my favorite store Cupcake, being lazy, visiting the aquarium, and, most importantly, snuggling sweet Addy.  It was perfection.

*After returning home, my mother-in-law came for a visit!  We were able to hang out with our Atlanta family and also show her around our sweet little town of Carrollton.  I'm so glad she came to see us and our new GA life!

*And then, my mama came to town!  We also had a great time venturing around our new stomping grounds and spending tons of time soaking up the neighbhorhood sunshine.

*And THEN I traveled to my hometown, Columbia, to help my baby sister register for HER baby (girl!) and attend a wedding shower for my step-sister, who is getting married next month.  So WHEW.  I guess I HAVE been a bit busy, which maybe explains my absence?

*Andplusalso, CK's almost two-ish hour naps have recently taken it upon themselves to shorten significantly.  And since naptime was blogtime, when naptime started to go, blogtime did, too.

*I have GOT to get back on the unpacking and decorating and making this house our home bandwagon.  There is so much left to be done, and for some reason my motivation is completely lacking!

*I think I spend all day, everyday, answering the question, "Why?"  Lord help me.  I came thisclose to turning it into a drinking game, but decided it probably wouldn't pan out too well for my liver.

*After much discussion with T, we decided to enroll CK in two days of preschool this fall.  I got her into what I hear is a GREAT preschool here in town, and I think she'll love getting back into school.

*Oh, Lent.  I decided to give up candy this year, and T decided to give up all drinks other than water.  We are both STRUGGLING.  And no offense to those of you who cheat let yourselves indulge on Friday or Sunday or whatever day of the week you choose, but we decided it was all or nothing.  I cannot WAIT to crack open the Cadbury eggs that are calling my name from the kitchen candy drawer.

*This weekend we have more family coming into town so we can celebrate my nephew's fourth birthday!!  It's gonna be a kid-pizza-making extravaganza, and I can't wait!

*Youguys.  My mom got an iPhone.  And Facebook.  I never thought I'd see the day.  Welcome to the twenty-first century, mama!

*The bipolar weather is driving me crazy.  Sunny and 80s one day, rainy and 50s the next.  MAKE UP YOUR MIND.

*I'm gonna have another niece/nephew in about 18 days!!!!  My older sister is pregnant with #3, and we don't know if it's a he or a she.  I cannot WAIT to snuggle yet another newborn, and if all goes as planned, CK and I will be there for the birth!  I'm so so SO excited.

*I cannot find an Easter dress for CK anywhere.  I'm seriously striking out on all fronts.  I should've had something made, I guess.  But man, the pickins are slim.

*For some reason, I've never watched The Voice until this season.  It is so good!  The talent is much better than that on American Idol, in my professional-reality-television-show-watching opinion.

*I want a playground set for our backyard so bad.  We have the perfect place for it!  I've been searching all kinds of store websites, and Craigslist, with no luck yet.  Any tips on finding a good one without breaking the bank?

Ok, that's as good as it gets for now...  My wild, why-asking, almost-two-and-a-half-year-old (!) is awake ALREADY.  I promise to be back next time with something that attempts to be a little more meaningful and entertaining.  Happy rainy Monday!


  1. Glad you're back, girl!

    Yeah, naptime is blogtime over here too. Not sure what I'll do when naps go bye-bye for good!

    The voice is significantly better. Shockingly so. I only know because there is only network tv at the gym when I go run.

    I still can't believe you live in the same exact town as Jim's grandparents. Such a small world.

    1. It IS such a small world! Especially when there's a connection in the tiny, tiny town of Carrollton. Thanks for the welcome back - It feels good to be typing away again! xo