Thursday, April 17, 2014

Candid Cameron - Part I

Well, we've officially entered the years of ya-never-know-what's-gonna-come-out-of-her-mouth.  CK keeps us on our toes and laughing constantly... her imagination, wit, and sense of humor are endless!  And inspired by my sister, an incredible mama and blogger over at Doc Momma, I've decided to document some of the hilarity that comes out of my mini-me's mouth.  Here is what I'm thinking will probably only be Part I of many parts of CANDID CAMERON.

Man at a restaurant:  "I like your pigtails!  Where'd you get them?"
CK, looking at him like he had two heads, then answering matter-of-factly and with a hint of sarcasm:  "Ummm... my house."

As T sang CK songs one night before her bedtime, he started to sing a little quieter to help her wind down... to which she demanded, "TURN IT UP, Daddy!"

Whenever she gets an injury, CK immediately asks for "icing in a baggie."  Not sure if she means ice, or if she already knows that icing really does make everything better.  Anyway, one day she came up to me crying and said, "Mommy, I need some icing... I hurt my feelings!"

A new friend at gymnastics class:  "What's your name?"
CK:  "Cameron.  I was almost named Caroline!"  -- Haha, I guess she overheard me telling someone that one day!  They are ALWAYS listening!

Every night before dinner we sing the blessing, "God our Father."  To this day, CK STILL thinks the line is, "We give Banks" instead of "We give thanks."  (Banks is her cousin's name.)  So one night she sang, "God our Father, We give Banks!  And Raleigh!"  She couldn't leave out her other cousin!

"Mommy's big!  And I'm little.  But I'm gonna be big in just a minute."  Not if I have anything to say about it!

When I complained of being cold one day... "Mama if you're cold, say 'No cold!  Don't get on me cold!'"

After I came back into town one day:  "Mommy, where did you go?"
"I went to a wedding shower for Aunt Shelby and Uncle Jason."
"Did your hair get wet?"

One morning when I was feeling and looking rough, I went in to get CK out of her crib:  "Mommy, you look like Halloween!"  Haha the truth hurts!

As I was packing CK''s bookbag for the church nursery:  "Mommy, why are you putting diapers in there?"
"In case you need a diaper change."
"Is Jesus gonna change my diaper?"
Clearly, we have a lot to learn.

Let the fun continue!!

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