Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Randoms

We're GA bound once again, so I'm back for more randoms from the road (I apologize for any weird formatting... I'll edit on a computer when we get home!). Our reasons for this trip include spending Thanksgiving with family in Atlanta, celebrating my sweet nephew's first birthday, and house-hunting. As we pulled away from home this morning, I couldn't help but think that in a little over a month, we'll be pulling out of that driveway for the last time, heading to Georgia for good...

*Speaking of our house, we're under a due-diligence contract!  It'll be officially under contract in a week, but the buyers requested a due diligence period to ensure that the loan, appraisal, and inspection all occurred without any glitches. The lucky buyers scooped up our house after it was on the market for less than two weeks. I'm almost envious of them... I LOVE our house, our first home. It's so special and T and I both agree that we wouldn't dare sell it if we weren't moving out of state. It's been the perfect home for our little family, and I hope it serves the same purpose for its new owners. Fingers crossed that the rest of the process goes smoothly!

*I haven't been around these parts a lot lately, and I didn't get a chance to update after my little sister's wedding. But it was breathtaking.  The whole weekend, from start-to-finish, was the perfect celebration of my sister marrying her very best friend. I will never, ever forget watching her walk down the aisle, the look in her eyes...

*I also failed to update on a baby shower we threw for my sister-in-law! Because they're not finding out what they're having, we opted for a "Mustaches and Bows, Nobody Knows!" theme. Although I had a hand in the behind-the-scenes planning, I unfortunately wasn't able to attend the shower. But I know it was perfect and hope my partner-in-crime, my Jamie Marie, felt as special as she is!

*As for my social media break... It was hard to stay away from my blog, because writing and posting is, as I've said numerous times, incredibly therapeutic. However, avoiding Facebook and Instagram wasn't that hard. I don't mind checking in on Instagram every so often, but Facebook drives me crazy, especially lately. Everyone's all "My life is perfect!" or "Today I conquered the world!" or "I'M PREGNANT WITH KID #7!" And as immature and selfish as it may sound, when you feel like your life has been a huge serving of sadness and it's-not-fair lately, it's really hard to read about everyone else's awesome lives. Blogs are a catch 22 for me, too. I absolutely love reading blogs, but most people who blog have kidS, and it's painful to read about other people's kidS and pregnancies and perfect, Pinterest lives, and "today-wasn't-perfect-but-that's-ok-because-life's-not-perfect-so-it's-perfect-BECAUSE-it's-not-perfect". Again, that probably sounds like something coming from a jealous, resentful, pained person. Which is exactly what I am. And I guess when you're in that kind of place, it makes it hard when everyone else is all happy and LIFE IS AWESOME ISNT IT. It makes me feel like an outsider, an angry outsider. So I decided I needed to take a step away from many of my social media outlets, stop reading a lot of the blogs I read. And other than hopping on Facebook to post pictures for family members or participate in mom-group conversations about our two-year-olds, or pulling up videos on Instagram for CK to watch, it's been a nice break. And possibly a permanent one.

*To try to deal with everything lately, I started running again, for the first time in months. Numerous doctors suggested I switch from running to walking during our fertility treatments... So I did. Two weeks ago I put my running shoes on and ran as hard and as far as my body would let me. My legs were jelly, my lungs were screaming, and it.was.awesome.

*I also started dating Jillian Michaels again on a regular basis. And now I remember why I called off our relationship over a year ago. She's a mean son-of-a-gun and I can barely lean over to tie my shoes without grimacing in pain.

*CK is all kinds of awesome these days. Honestly, without her, I'd be lost. She reminds me to breathe. And one day, I'll tell her all about the time she pulled the pieces of my heart back together.

*Speaking of CK... Like all mamas out there, the minute she goes to bed I want to celebrate that we survived another day unscathed. I usually pour a tall glass of wine and collapse on the couch and let my body accept its exhaustion. But within minutes, the calm and quiet of the house feels wrong... And I miss her. After she's gone to bed, I miss the noise and chaos and giggles of my girl.

*But no matter how much I miss her, it's ALWAYS too early when she wakes up in the mornings. PLEASE just ONE more minute!

*Though lately, on the weekend mornings, we scoop up CK and bring her into our bed and snuggle and watch cartoons... Almost always Monsters Inc. There are Fruit Loops under the covers and dripping sippy cups and elbows to the face, and I love it.

*Oh, Clemson football. This is a big weekend for you, and it's really what matters most to us fans. Please, please don't let us down!

*We all know I HATE cooking, but I do love my crockpot. When the cold weather kidnaps the forecast, my crockpot is up and running at least once a week. I LOVE coming home from work to a house full of crockpot aromas, knowing dinner is already ready.

*T and I both only have FIFTEEN days left of work in our current jobs. CRAZY!!

*The other day I counted, and CK sleeps with nineteen stuffed animals in her crib. Nineteen. And you'd better not take any out. Holding strong at spot number one is, you guessed it, Ellie the elephant. She latched onto Ellie when she was about seven months old, and has been holding him tight ever since. When she's scared or in an unfamiliar situation, she immediately asks for her "Ella" (in Spanish... That's what she calls him/her).

*I recently realized that I am not the kind of mom who has to clean up the house at the end of each day. Sometimes when we leave the playroom, it's a mess.
Sometimes, I'll haphazardly throw toys back in the once-organized bins. Sometimes we sing the clean-up song and make CK pick up her things before going to bed. But most of the time we're too lazy to clean and also too busy playing with her down to the very last minute, and toys stay scattered throughout the house through the night until her eyes open the next morning and she's ready to pick back up right where she left off. After she went to bed the other night, I looked around and there was a baby doll on our bed, a soccer ball and matchbox car under the kitchen table, six board books strewn across the kitchen floor, an alphabet puzzle undone all over the ottoman, and a container of bubbles on the walk-in table. And instead of being frustrated with the mess, I was so grateful to have a house full of those kinds of things.

*Oh, Dexter. You have sucked T and I into your twisted life and night-after-night we continue to stay up too late, watching episode-after-episode. I'm so glad we have you On Demand, but I'm exhausted!

*Please, for the love of all things holiday, STOP celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving!

Happy Monday!

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