Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Time for a New Adventure...

Well, I have some news.

Yep, that's a "For Sale" sign in our yard.

The Peeles are MOVING!

And not just to a different neighborhood, or a different city - but to an entirely different state.


I've known for a little while now, but it's still so surreal to say out loud.  We have mixed emotions - it's all definitely bittersweet.  We love the life we've built here, and will be so sad to drive away from both family and friends.  So sad to move out of the very first house we called home.


It's time for a new adventure, a fresh start.  A different beginning and ending to each day.  And while the bitter part will hurt, the sweet part will be so fun, just me and my little family.

Watch out Georgia - here come the Peeles!


  1. We are seriously SO excited for y'all. :) I think a fresh start is exactly what you need. :) :) So glad you'll be close(r), and hope we can get together and meet in the middle for some fun get togethers! :)

  2. Much luck on your new adventure!
    It will be FUN and you know it!
    and maybe just what y'all need ;)