Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Is It Too Early to Pour a Drink?

It's like the girl knows she turned two.

Tantrums 'til she's sweating, refusing to go to time-out, whining - oh the whining - and basically just being 100% defiant 90% of the time.

So today I'm a little less "Here's a letter to my two-year-old daughter" and a little more "Is it too early to pour a drink?"

Deep breaths.


  1. LOL...I was actually thinking of updating my fb status with something very similar. Deep breaths. :)

  2. We are there too... You aren't alone! The littlest things set them off!

  3. The weekend Avery turned two she turned into a different person. Refusing to for to bed and hating bath time. All things she used to do like and angel the 2 previous years. Pour a glass girl!!!

  4. So the terrible 2's isn't a myth?! Aside from the tantrums, I hope you are doing well...I've been thinking about you a lot lately. :)