Friday, September 27, 2013

Randoms from the Road!

Well, my little family of three is en route to Georgia this weekend (more details on that in another post), so for the first time, I'm posting from my phone! I'm assuming it'll look different in format, and I'll be sure to fix it the next time I'm at my computer... But we're three-and-a-half hours into a six hour road trip with a toddler who finally decided to CHILL THE EFF OUT, so I decided to kill some time with a randoms post.

*We're currently driving past the exit to my alma mater... I SO wish we could go to the football game tomorrow to watch the Tigers woop up on my hub's team, the Deacs! In fact, I don't even think we'll be in a position to WATCH the game tomorrow, which is gonna drive me crazy!

*We've been listening to the song "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" on repeat for almost two hours. I was thisclose to buying and chugging a beer during our last gas station pit stop.

*I CANNOT believe my nephew, Banks, is going to be FOUR this weekend!! I remember so vividly visiting him in the hospital when he was born. He taught me a whole new way to love... he's the little boy who made me an aunt, who added a whole new dimension to our family tree and made every get-together more memorable and meaningful. Happy Birthday, little buddy!

*I am LOVING my new part-time job!!

*I'm getting antsy with our house and the decor... I want to totally change some things up, but don't even know where to start! I'm terrible at stuff like that.

*A little over a month ago, I stopped running per doctors' suggestions. I've been walking instead. I've definitely enjoyed slowing down a bit, "enjoying the view" a little more and pounding the pavement a little less. But I've noticed my clothes fitting tighter and things being a little more jiggly. Given our current situation, it's actually not a BAD thing. But no woman feels like that is a GOOD thing. And speaking of the jiggle, I am CRAVING a fast food cheeseburger! Ha!!

*My little girl is going to be TWO in less than two weeks!! As all mamas say, the time has FLOWN by. And I really am soaking in every second of every age and stage. I have to say we're having a blast with the current one.

*And speaking of the little birthday-girl-to-be, the big bash is three weeks out and I am a little worried about getting everything taken care of. As I've mentioned before, I have ZERO motivation to throw a Pinterest-inspired party, but feel such pressure from the current social norms. As long as my girl is smiling and eating cake, I will consider the party a smashing success.

*Welcome back, fall television! Oh how we've missed you!!

*I wish I could go to acupuncture everyday. It truly leaves me feeling SO relaxed and at peace.

*I am loving my new Costco membership! Especially the free samples. Hello, free Saturday lunch!

*I got CK's Halloween costume at a consignment store the other day. With our current budget, I just wasn't willing to spend $30+ on something she'll wear for a couple hours. I don't LOVE her costume, but it was only $6 and I know she'd look cute in a brown paper bag. I can't WAIT to see the montage of kids in Halloween costumes on Facebook!

*And speaking of Facebook, I've been trying to take a bit of a social media break these days. Instagram doesn't bother me as much, but sometimes Facebook is just too much, ya know? Comparison is the thief of joy, and sometimes I let my joy get stolen too often. Sad, but true.

*We bribe Cameron with M&Ms. To do any and everything.

Ok, time to go order that cheeseburger! Yippee!!!! Have a great weekend!


  1. Nice cell phone post ;)
    I've done it once & after reading through it later, was mortified.
    I totally agree- fb can be overwhelming at times. I think for the most part I'm just linking my blog posts to it. My hubs pretty much isn't on it at all. I even get flack from him over blogging!!
    Enjoy that cheeseburger!! I gotta take my hubs to Fudruckers one day. Or 5 guys...

    1. The cheeseburger was delicious!! :) :) :) And my husband isn't on Facebook, either!!