Saturday, September 7, 2013

Always, Sometimes, Never

I Always...

--have to end every meal and snack with something sweet.  No meal is ever complete without satisfying my sweet tooth!

--brush my teeth and wash my face before I go to bad.  It doesn't matter how tired I am or what the night has consisted of... I absolutely cannot fall asleep without a clean face and teeth!

--say prayers with Cameron Kate before she goes to bed.  Actually, T and I both do.  It's something the three of us share every single night.

--wonder if CK will EVER get back to enjoying bath time.  Kid loves a pool, hates a bath.

--pop my knuckles.  It drives TJ crazy, and I don't even realize I do it!

--have a bottle of water with me, wherever I go.  I feel naked without it.  I drink liters and liters and liters of water a day.

--put chapstick on before going to bed.  Another thing I have to do before I can fall asleep!

--eat breakfast.

--sleep better when we have fresh clean sheets on the bed.


--I wish Cameron wasn't such a light sleeper, because I always want to sneak in and watch her sleep.  But if you even put your hand on her doorknob, she'll wake up.

--I will snack throughout the day instead of eating lunch.  Breakfast and dinner are non-negotiables, but lunch I could do without.

--I wish I had a stylist and a personal shopper.  I feel so clueless when it comes to getting dressed!

--my sweet tooth is out of control.  Yesterday, I had a cupcake and a milkshake within the span of about four hours.

--I wish we traveled more.

--I think I should seek therapy for my fear of storms/tornadoes.  It's bad!

--I want to try to find a job in higher education... maybe one day!

--I wonder if writing this blog is a silly hobby - but I'm hopeful that by turning the posts into a book once a year, it will serve as a "journal" for my family.

--I wish kids' birthday parties hadn't turned into such a Pinterest-inspired industry.  We're on a pretty strict new budget, and I really need to keep Cameron's upcoming party low-key.  I just hate how everyone else makes them such big to-dos!  I'm terrible at that stuff!

--I can't decide if I like my hair short or long.

I never...

--sleep through the night without waking up at least twice.

--leave dirty dishes in the sink.  The dishwasher is always emptied as soon as possible so that dirty dishes are out of sight.

--regret my decision to go part-time.  I'm loving the balance of work and play and feel so fortunate to have this opportunity!

--put gas in or wash my own car.  T always does it for me.

--take a minute with my daughter for granted, and I never will.

--want CK to grow up.  I'm having so much fun with her these days!

--follow through with anything I pin on Pinterest.

--read enough scripture.  I'm doing better now that we're able to be regulars at our church, and I love my daily devotional app.  But scripture always brings me peace, so I need to read it more.

--feel like getting ready.  I HATE putting makeup on and drying my hair!

--go to bed without a cup of water beside me.  Apparently I'm pretty obsessive-compulsive about my nighttime habits.

--imagined my life would look like it does right now.  But I love the ups and am pushing through the downs!

Happy Saturday!!

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