Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Big Birthday Bash

Well, I must say that besides me ending up in a fracture boot and on crutches (more on that later), Cameron's birthday turned out to be a smashing, sunshiney success.  From opening presents, to a daddy/daughter breakfast date, to more presents, to an afternoon at Bounce U, to her favorite meal, to her very first cupcake, to her favorite 50+ people at her birthday party, to a homemade ball pit, to a backyard bounce house, to a yellow tutu and pink converse, to her smash cake... I honestly believe, though she's only a year old, that Cameron Kate felt special and had the best days of her life throughout this past week.  And now, because I'm too lazy to write anymore than this paragraph, prepare yourself for major picture overload.

 And now, just because there aren't enough pictures in this post, some of my favorites from her 1-year photoshoot: (Thanks to the amazing Urban Bloom Photography!)

On we go to year number 2...

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