Sunday, May 20, 2012


-- Work has been kicking my butt.

-- I’ve been keeping my running shoes in business… Go me!  (Summer, ahem, bathing suits are just around the corner – I’ve yet to dig them out and try them on since birthing a 10-pounder.)…

-- Cameron has been cracking us up.  She has this silly personality, where you’ll be across the room, and you’ll hear her laughing, and you look at her and she’s looking at you and giggling at you.  It’s hilarious!

-- I’ve been desperately racking my brain for a way to make money from home, so I can be with my girl.  Any ideas are appreciated.

-- I’m still all about some Skinnygirl Margaritas.

-- Hearing about other people’s pregnancies/newborns is giving me baby fever.  Uh oh.

-- I THINK I’ve finally stopped balding.  Or, at least, the post-partum-hair-fallout has begun to taper.  Thank you Lord.

-- We’ve been spending tons of time together as a family of three, and it’s so fun!  From going to the zoo, to setting up a play place for Cameron on the back deck, to going on runs/walks, to spending 10 minutes pulled over on the side of the rode in a church parking lot, attempting to clean up CK’s carseat blowout, laughing hysterically.

-- All I can think about is summer break!!  Hello beach, Braves’ games, pool time, and Christmas in July with my family.

-- We’ve been excited about and a little depressed over the tooth that has recently surfaced from Cameron’s bottom gums.  She needs to stop growing!

-- I’ve been all about Mexican food.  (Maybe because it goes so well with margaritas?)

-- I’ve been trying to build up the courage to go on another solo road trip, down to Columbia.  The last one was a disaster, CK cried nonstop for an hour and a half (and thus, so did I).

-- I’ve been obsessed with Darius Rucker’s song, “It Won’t Be Like This for Long.”  T played it for me shortly after our girl was born.  Cameron has had a few sleepless nights (thanks to a yucky virus), and I just sing this song in my head, relishing the feeling of having her asleep on my shoulder.  Sleep shmeep.

-- I also can’t get the lyrics to “Brown-Eyed Girl” out of my head, every time I look at this sweet face…

Lucky for me, in 21 days I get to be with my brown-eyed girl all day long!!

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