Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Letter

Dear Dad,

I never really knew you.  Though you were a part of my life for a little over seven years, my relationship with you was brief enough that I find it hard to picture your face.  I vaguely remember the sound of your voice, the trace of your moustache, the way you towered over Mom.  The smell of your pipe, the rumble of your laughter, your dark brown hair.

Its unfortunate, really… that I never got to know you, the way most daughters know their fathers.  For reasons we’ll never know, you decided your time in this world needed to come to an end.  You know by now that I’ve wrestled with a lot of emotions over this – frustration, anger, curiosity, devastation.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever understand – and forgiveness always seems just within the grasp of my fingertips.

But I just want you to know… we’re okay now.

In fact, we’re more than okay – we’re all doing great.

Mom met the love of her life, a man who makes her heart feel full and puts a smile on her face she so deserves to wear.

Dame married a girl who I swear was born to be a part of this family.  The day she showed up it was like, “Oh hey – there you are – we’ve been waiting for you.”

Linds also fell in love with her soulmate, and has two beautiful, incredible children.  I’m so sorry you’ll never know them.

Whit's also managed to meet a wonderful guy, and has grown into a beautiful, independent, remarkable woman.  You’d be so proud of her, Dad.

And me?  Well, I met the kind of man I’d always dreamed of, but wasn’t sure existed after you left us.  The kind of man who makes me feel so special… who loves me unconditionally and makes me feel so lucky to wake up everyday next to him.

But most importantly, the kind of man who has shown me what it means to be a Dad.

A man who provides for his family, rushes home to scoop up his baby girl in his arms.  A man who tries to beat me into the nursery to get Cameron up from her naps.  A man who brought out her first giggles, who cried with tears of joy the moment he laid his eyes on her sweet face.  A man who would do anything in the world to see her smile.

A man who will never, ever leave us.

I hate that you’ll never meet him.  And I hate that you’ll never meet my sweet baby girl.

But I just wanted you to know that we’re all so happy.

And I will never take a minute of my incredible life for granted.

Cameron Kate and her Dad

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