Monday, April 25, 2011

Family is Nature's Greatest Masterpiece

Family is what it’s all about.  It really doesn’t get any better than surrounding yourself with your family.  At least for me, that’s the case.  My hub and I are blessed with the most incredible family – both his and mine.  And the past two weekends involved us being blanketed with love and fun from almost all of our favorite family members.  (To those of you who we weren’t able to see, we miss and love you!!)

As I stated in my last very brief, very disappointing post, we spent last weekend celebrating one of our nephew’s first birthdays.  We are fortunate enough that both my sister and hub’s sister BOTH live in Atlanta, which means when we travel to the chaotic, traffic-filled city, we are showered with slobbery kisses from BOTH nephews – the two coolest toddlers on the planet.  The big birthday celebration meant that hub’s parents were also in town, and though the time was short and jam-packed, it was so awesome spending time with them.

With this past Sunday being Easter, we ventured back down south to good ol’ Seneca for a weekend with my family.  Even some of our favorite northern relatives were in town!  (Though we desperately missed those who weren’t!)  I think we exceeded the legal capacity of my grandma’s condo, but who cares – we had a blast.  During both weekends, some of my favorite moments were simple, happening when everyone was sitting around the couches (or in grandma’s condo’s case, floors/doorways/kitchen tables/fireplaces/corners of the room/etc.).  Just talking, and laughing, and making fun of each other – the simple joys are what life is all about.

These two weekends really had me thinking emotionally about the family my hub and I are creating.  It blows my mind to really wrap my brain around the fact that we are creating a new generation.  That one day, we’ll be old, and a little more grey and wrinkly, with a houseful of grandchildren and cousins and loud laughter and the best kind of noise there is – family noise.  The kind of noise that makes a house feel warm, and full, and bright.  The kind of noise that, when it’s gone, leaves a house feeling as if it’s missing something.  The kind of noise that makes you feel so blessed to be part of the greatest masterpiece of nature – family.

So to all of my family members who read this, thank you for being the most selfless, supportive, incredible, unconditionally loving people I will ever know.  I am so lucky to be your daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, cousin, niece, granddaughter… I’m just so lucky to walk through this life with you by my side. J

As for our family of soon-to-be-three, we’re doing just great.  Our little one is now the size of a navel orange, or a softball for you men who avoid the produce section.  My tummy continues to protrude, and got quite burnt this weekend during a brief pool visit.  (Note to self – buy 100+ sunscreen for the stretching belly skin!)  I also attempted to play a little tennis this weekend, realizing very quickly that my upper body doesn’t quite like to twist anymore.  Oops.

Pregnancy brain is starting to find its place in my life.  I realized this on Saturday when after about ten minutes of searching, I found my car keys in the freezer.  The funniest part about it was that my grandma was in the kitchen when I found them there, and she said, “Oh!  There they are!” So nonchalantly.  Like, “Of course they’re in the freezer!  I do that all the time!”  Oh, how I love my Gram.

My skin is still having it’s own little fiesta, and my hips feel like they’re going to break.  (Thank goodness for the pregnancy pillow my sister-in-law let me borrow!)  Other than the general everything-is-starting-to-spread-out and wow-my-cheeks-look-chubby-in-that-picture, I’m still just trucking along through the beginnings of the second trimester.  The nausea seems to almost be gone for good, except for when I take long car rides, or try to read in the car, or let my stomach get empty, or get too tired.  All controllable circumstances for the most part!  Our next appointment is this Friday, and we can’t wait to hear the beautiful sound of our baby’s strong heartbeat…  I can’t think of a better way to ring in the big 2-8. J
Hello 15 Week Baby Bump!  (I swear I'm not poking it out!)
It doesn't look quite as big covered up, huh?!

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