Tuesday, August 1, 2017

BLOMPS Beach Trip 2017

BLOMPS Beach Trip 2017, you were one for the books!  There are so many favorites that I will never, ever forget:  the way the little boys loved "playing" pool; the traditional first night on the beach where the kids run and giggle and jump the waves and get their clothes soaking wet (by the way~ Brooks may be my most beach-loving baby yet!); the cornhole games; the newly-added pool in the backyard; the siblings' night out while Bammy and Digby babysat; the beach naps; the always hilarious Catchphrase games; the night-fishing; the seashell hunting; the wave-jumping; the boogie-boarding; the time with my nieces and nephews; the beach runs; the sunsets; the traditional last night on the beach where we have a bubble-and-glow-stick-and-sparkler-party; and the slow pace of the days during which I soaked in family and laughs and the sun and the sand and I let each memory of my three beach-loving babies etch itself into my heart.  I am a lucky, lucky mama. <3

And that wraps up our 2017 beach trip, and our summer break.  Next up... Kindergarten!!

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