Friday, June 10, 2016

4 on Friday!

I guess I should apologize for my absence, and go ahead and apologize for my continued absence... Things have been a little quiet around here, and I imagine they will continue to be a little quiet for the next week or two.  Because...

Well, this week I had the absolute pleasure and honor of teaching Vacation Bible School at our church.  I taught last year, too, and I have honestly been looking forward to this week since last summer.!  Exhausting, yes - especially as a pregnant mama of two littles - but it is totally worth every ounce of exhaustion.  CK talked and sang about Jesus all week long, and I was able to teach a pretty amazing group of second graders who, really, taught ME.

Another reason things have been quiet around here is because last weekend all of us Peeles were out of town!  As I mentioned, I was in South Carolina spoiling my stepsister as we celebrate the upcoming debut of my newest nephew, Sam!  I got to snuggle my recently born, perfect nephew, Finn, the baby shower was a huge success, and I loved every kid-free minute spent with my sisters, Mama, and Gram.

Meanwhile, CK and E were being absolutely spoiled by their Grammy and PaPa in North Carolina while TJ golfed in a tournament!  We all returned late on Sunday and crawled into bed not too long before the alarms went off for our week o' VBS.  Whew!

And the reason things will continue to be a little uneventful around here - T minus four days 'til my hub and I are Canada-bound!  Thanks to my awesome "job" via Rodan + Fields, we're being treated to an all-expense paid trip to Banff Springs.  To say I am excited is an understatement.  To say I am nervous is also an understatement.  You see, we are not the "traveling type," rarely if ever going away sans kiddos, much less out of the country.  BUT, I know this trip is going to be so, so good and the kids will be so, so happy while spending time with their Meme.  And in preparation for the trip, I will be crossing off to-do's while soaking up time with my kiddos.  THAT is why I need to step away from here for a bit!

But before I do, I have some exciting news!  I'm going to be an aunt, AGAIN!!  I have been dying to shout this from the rooftops... my older sister is adopting!!  I am already so in love with our niece-to-be, and can't wait to meet her.  In the meantime, I'm asking for thoughts and prayers for my sister and her sweet little family, and any advice you have for me as I try to support her every step of the way!  If we're friends on Facebook, you'll see me sharing different ways they are fundraising to assist with the adoption, if you're at all interested.  And also, please follow her journey so you can get each and every update via her blog, Doc Momma!  Cannot wait to snuggle the precious girl we are already praying for, and cannot wait to add another to our big, crazy, beautiful family. <3

Have a wonderful weekend, and a wonderful week next week, and hopefully I'll be back from Canada in one piece to tell you all about our adventures!  TGIF!!

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