Monday, March 14, 2016

A Monday Random Catch-Up

Since this blog has been neglected since January, and since I'm still struggling to keep up with life since this pregnancy completely rocked my world - I thought I'd do a little catch up with some Monday randoms!

*So yeah, life has been kicking my butt since I went down with the 24-hour pregnancy nausea back in January.  I'm not really sure why they call it morning sickness when it rocks your world ALL DAY LONG.  And crazy enough, the medicine I took while pregnant with CK and E isn't even recommended for pregnant women anymore... The new medicine isn't quite as effective in my opinion, and also contains unisom.  So basically I've been taking a sleeping pill around the clock for eight weeks!  I really am over the worst of it, and last Thursday I actually felt great.  And then bam, in the middle of Bunco that night it hit me like a freight train, and I was absolutely miserable and such a party pooper.  So I guess it's gonna stick around a little longer.

*And on that note, a huge shout-out to my husband for totally picking up my slack with the kids while I've been down and out.  The minute he gets home from work, I basically hand the kids over and check out for the night.  He happily obliges, thank goodness.  He really is the best.

*And one more woe-is-me blurb... Y'all, I barely survived last week.  Dramatic, I know, but whew, it was rough.  We started the week at the pediatrician where CK tested positive for strep and E a sinus infection.  Then both kids ended up getting Hand Foot Mouth (bleh) toward the middle/end of the week.  And T ended up with an awful, awful sinus infection that required some strong antibiotics.  Not to mention I was still struggling to remain vertical without tossing my cookies.  Let's just say I am so glad last week has come and gone and fingers crossed we avoid germs for awhile!

*I'm part of a new bible study/book club group at my church and you guys - it has been amazing.  It is just such an awesome group of women and we are reading the absolute best book, and I am just so grateful for our time together on Wednesday evenings!

*Can we please talk about the fact that CK is playing soccer this spring?  She is absolutely obsessed, and I may be a little bit, too!

*Tonight is the Bachelor finale and I am embarrassingly excited.

*I'm trying really, really hard to continue running during this pregnancy, but it still scares me a little.  I ran with CK until it hurt my back too much, but after everything we went through to get pregnant with E, I was scared to sneeze, let alone run.  This time I really want to keep up my running!  Unfortunately I've been horizontal for two months, and I'm just now starting to have days where I feel up for what mostly looks like a neighborhood trot.  I hope I can keep it up!
*I swear CK has gone through some kind of growth spurt lately - I'm gonna have to do some major shopping for her spring/summer wardrobe, not to mention she's pretty much outgrown all of her shoes!  Girl is getting too big too fast.

*And on that note, I cannot believe we just registered her for her last year in preschool!  We actually decided to switch preschools for next year - we absolutely love her current school, but the new school is located on the campus where T works, the hours are better, it has a great reputation, and... it's FREE.  I'm nervous about the switch, but really think it'll be great for our girl!

*T has two back-to-back, out-of-town, week-long work trips coming up and I am just dreading it.  He is so hands-on when he gets home, and we're just going to miss him so much.  Thankfully my mother-in-law is coming to help me for the first week, and my mom will be able to come up for a day or two during his second trip... I just don't know how mamas of traveling husbands do it!

*Y'all... this is what my entire house has looked like since mid-January.  SOS.

*Any Making a Murderer watchers out there?  T and I decided to see what the hype is all about.  We're three episodes in, and I am hooked.

*I mentioned in my last post how CK was Child of the Week for her class at school, and she was on cloud 9 all week long!  It was the cutest thing.  She had been asking me for months when her special week would be, so when it was finally time, she was pumped.  We created a poster together to hang up in the room, sent in a special donut snack, I visited the class to help them make homemade playdough and eat cupcakes, T brought all kinds of goodies from UWG, CK made her new baby brother/sister announcement, and she even got to bring the class mascot (Peter Panda) home for a weekend and document his adventures.  So much fun!

*I feel like I've neglected to talk about E throughout this post!  He's a wild little dude, wreaking havoc and making messes and teaching me how to be a mama to a boy day in and day out.  Y'all, he is a MESS.  T and I say it everyday.  I could not love that little stinker more.  He loves to climb, to ride his scooter, to play with his "sissy," to wear a stethoscope around his neck, to throw things in the tub and turn on the water, to sleep, and to read books ("boops").  He's working on teeth #15 and #16 which, on top of Hand Foot Mouth, have made for some tough days - but he just keeps life so fun and keeps us laughing and I still pinch myself that he's ours!

*Can we talk about how I've had pretty much zero desire for sweets so far this pregnancy?  Which is cRaZy.  I ate my first cadburry egg last night, and usually I'm like five or six deep this close to Easter.  I pretty much spent the first trimester only being able to drink lemonade - plain water made me gag (and I usually drink several liters of water a day!).  I wanted sour candy, Sweetarts, , black eyed peas, strawberries, and cereal.  I'm finally able to get in a vegetable here and there, so... progress.

*And on that note, I've really had a strong feeling that we're having another girl.  But now that the nausea is lingering like it did with E, I'm second-guessing that feeling.  We won't be finding out the gender, of course.  In fact, last week the nurse called with my genetic bloodwork results (all looked great, PRAISE!) and said she had the sex written right there on the paper, asking me if I wanted to know.  It was crazy to me that she knew right there what we were having!  I would absolutely love another girl, so that CK can have a sister - my sisters are my best friends!  And I would absolutely love another boy, since E and #3 will be so close in age.  Any guesses?  We'll see come September!
Yes, a tiny baby bump at 13 weeks.  I guess the third time you're pregnant the body is like I GIVE UP.
Have a great week!


  1. HOW COULD YOU RESIST! ACK! Right there on the paper. How crazy!

    Love this little update. Hang in there, Mama!!!

    Oh- are they having you take Diclegis? Which is it?

    1. lol it was HARD! But I knew the instant gratification wasn't worth it to me! Crazy, I know. Yes, Diclegis, which basically makes me want to sleep all day, errrrday.

  2. Congratulations! Another baby?! So exciting!!!