Friday, January 22, 2016

Five on Friday!

My first Five on Friday of 2016... Woop!

New blog look!  You like?  I try to give my little ol' corner of the internet a facelift once a year, just to freshen things up a bit.  There are so many things I want to do with this blog, but I am sooooo bad at all things html code, etc.  Maybe one day?!

After my raw and real and honest post yesterday, I am so, so appreciative of the outpouring love and support and advice and words of wisdom and invitations for a mama's night out.  Honestly, it was hard writing that yesterday.  Actually, that's a lie.  It wasn't hard writing it - I wrote it in mere minutes, because it had been on my mind and in my heart for weeks.  The hard part was hitting "publish."  I never, ever try to act like our life is all puppies and rainbows over here, but to shout to the world that we're having so much trouble with our sweet CK, that I feel like I'm failing as a mama - that was tough.  But I did find comfort in those of you who reached out to me to make me feel like I wasn't alone, to tell me to keep on standing my ground, to offer to bring me wine.  In the midst of our struggles we're still having sweet moments and giggles with our girl - and while it often feels like one step forward, two steps back... I'm wishing and hoping and praying and crossing all fingers and toes that the steps forward will soon overtake those backward!

Speaking of that spunky four-year-old, we just signed her up for soccer and I cannot WAIT!  You probably remember we did tball last year, which was a huge hit (pun intended). Even though she did less hitting and more grass-picking, she loved every second of being part of a team.  I wanted to try something different this spring in an attempt to expose her to all types of activities, and soccer excited us the most!  Stay tuned for way too many pictures of tiny shin guards and aimlessly running around a field and probably even more grass-picking.

You guys, we had the absolute best four days with one of my very best friends.  Linds and her daughter Olivia journeyed all the way from NC to see us, and it was the perfect combination of lazy and productive, loud and quiet, busy and fun and oh just perfect.  We zoo'd, we napped, we ran, we Pure Barr'd, we lunched, we bounce-housed, we Chick-fil-a'd, we played, we ate, we drank, we girls-night-out'd, we laughed... it makes my heart hurt just thinking how much I miss them already.  I honest to goodness am not sure how I'd do this life without my Yinds!

THIS WEATHER!  I'm all about a good snow once a year, especially now that CK gets so excited at even the mention of winter weather.  But here in good ol' C'ton we're just below all of the counties getting covered in snow, and all we have is lots and lots and lots of cold, nonstop rain.  They keep saying we MIGHT get an inch of snow tonight, and I sooooo hope we do!!

Have a wonderful, bundled up, warm weekend!

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