Friday, July 18, 2014

Five on Friday

I'm back with Five on Friday!  Even though the girls I link up with are on a summer break, I decided to go ahead with my own randoms on this TGIF-afternoon...

Y'all, I had such an awesome time with my NC girls last week.  My heart felt so at home surrounded by three ladies (and a baby!) who are such an important part of my life.  Ladies who have seen me at my best and at my worst, and who still love me!
Guess I didn't let them cool down enough before applying icing.

I also had the perfect time celebrating 6 years with my hub.  He surprised me with a full day of plans last Saturday - we headed to ATL to spend the day as a family of 3.5 at the GA aquarium.  

After that, we dropped CK off at my sister-in-law's so we could have a kidless date night.  We went to CineBistro, which is a movie theatre where they serve dinner!  They have a full menu, and we took full advantage.  It was such an awesome experience!  Now, on to year 7...

I'm finally getting a haircut tomorrow!!!!!  I cannot tell you how excited I am to sit in a chair and feel pampered for a minute, even if it is only for a trim.

I recently started playing BUNCO!  I got invited to play with a group of girls in town... a group of girls who are all best friends from high school!  I was so nervous and intimidated to show up as the only outsider, but they were welcoming and immediately made me feel at home.  I'm so excited to get to know them even better.  And, we had a BLAST!  We'll be playing once a month, and I am already looking forward to our next date.  I am especially looking forward to when I can partake in the adult beverages during the Bunco-playing, as I'm sure it'll be even more fun!

Can we please talk about the furniture my husband painted for CK's big girl room?  Here are the before-and-afters of a piece we scooped up from an antique store (and will use as a dresser) and a nightstand my sister-in-law was getting rid of...

Hard to tell in the pic, but the drawers are painted with an ombre effect.

I think they turned out SO cute.  Her room is gray and will be accented with different shades of pink.  When we get home from the beach, we plan on transitioning her to her big girl bed so we can start making progress in the nursery!

Speaking of the beach, our trip is right around the corner!  In less than a week we'll have our toes in the sand - or at least I'll have my swollen pregnant toes in the sand while T chases around this nonstop two-and-a-half-year-old, who seems to have grown up overnight...
Have a great weekend!!

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