Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ok, Here It Goes... My New Business Venture!

For as long as I can remember, I have always, always been self-conscious about my skin.  It sounds silly saying it out loud, but a pimple could literally make or break my mood.  I’d spend waste so much time in the bathroom, trying to cover up any and all imperfections.  And even though breakouts have come and gone throughout my life, I can honestly say I’ve never felt beautiful in my skin.

I remember once there was this quiz, and one of the questions asked if I’d rather have a perfect complexion or be ten pounds lighter.  Without a doubt, I would always choose to have flawless skin.  It’s our biggest organ!  And there’s something about a bright, fresh face full of a smile that just emits beautiful confidence.

So fast-forward… I’m 29 years old (almost 30!) and still get the occasional breakout.  And let’s not even talk about the melasma/brown spots/discoloration that appeared both during and after pregnancy.  Even moreso, ever since I had my D&C in December, my skin has been a mess.  I’m assuming my out-of-control hormones are to blame, but I’ve felt so blah and unattractive lately.  Throw in an attention-demanding toddler who gives me less than five minutes to try to throw on some make-up, and now my desire for perfect skin is even greater.

Enter Rodan + Fields, introduced to me by my friend Shelly.

Rodan + Fields are the two dermatologists who developed Proactiv, the #1 acne fighting system in America.  And Proactiv used to work great for me, but now, as an almost-thirty-year-old, my skin is a little more complex (and Proactiv was developed for teens/young adults).

So anyway, Shelly told me about their four skincare lines, which led me to do research – lots of research – because I’m type-A OCD and that’s just now I roll.  I found out their new lines are SOOTHE (for redness/irritated skin), REDEFINE (for anti-aging and preventing fine lines/wrinkles), UNBLEMISH (for us adults who still get those damn pimples), and REVERSE (for melasma/brown spots/uneven skin tone).

A few weeks later, after Shelly let me sample some products, not only was my skin looking more incredible than it has since I exited my mother’s womb, but I signed on board to join her as a consultant.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is my new business venture!

First I need to promise all twelve of my avid readers that this blog will NOT turn into a money-hungry, marketing nightmare.  But I always write about what’s going on in my world and taking on this new opportunity is definitely a huge part of my world right now.

And I am so excited. 

Which is really an understatement.  I’m having a blast and already have my first big customer and I am obsessed with the products I’m trying out myself.

You see, I am a beauty product hoarder.  Or I guess I should say, now I’m a recovering beauty product hoarder.

No, really, look at the skincare products I pulled out of my drawers this morning.

I had to pull them out, snap a picture, and put them back before TJ saw it all.  Because he’d be like, omiGOD-how-much-money-have-you-thrown-away-on-all-of-this-and-how-did-you-hide-it-from-me?!

The reason I decided to snap a picture of my stash is because I am notorious for buying something and trying it out, and then usually I don’t see the results that were promised on the flashy packaging, so I put it in the back of my drawer and head back to Target to find something else that’s shiny and new.

But those days are O-V-E-R!  The incredible thing about Rodan + Fields is that their products are 100% guaranteed.  Like, for real guaranteed.  Like, we have a 60-day, empty bottle, money back guarantee.

Buy a regimen, try it for 60 days, don’t like it or see the promised results, send it back and get a full refund.

Boom.  Just like that.

So why WOULDN’T you try it?!

Or at least, those were my thoughts – so I did – try it – and within two weeks I wanted to represent this company and their products because they were so amazing.

So amazing, in fact, that our new Macro E at-home microdermabrasion tool (featured in People Style Watch, Marie Claire, and Allure magazines) sold out in three weeks.  THREE WEEKS PEOPLE.  I already ordered one for myself, but now I have to wait until next month to get it.  WAAH!  I am dying of impatience.

Anyway, I really hope to make some money from this gig, of course.  But truthfully, I really want to change people’s lives by helping them sport some awesome skin.  And I’m having so much fun networking and meeting people and – mostly – sporting fabulous skin myself.  And I decided since this is a new, big part of my life, I’d better share it with y’all – all twelve of you. J

Want to try it and see how flawless your skin can look (guaranteed!)?  It’s all pretty much web-based, so if you want to check out products or order something, you can go here:

If you’re interested in getting 10% off and free shipping for life, details are on my website about how to become a Preferred Customer.  To find out how to get on the list to get the Macro E at wholesale price when it’s available next month, you can email me:

As I said, I promise I won’t turn this blog into an advertising corner.  I will, however, be bragging from time-to-time about how awesome I look. J  And how these products have changed my life.

Because nothing is more beautiful than confidence.


  1. Glad Lindsay showcased your blog, it's so cute!
    I'm excited for you to come to Fort Mill next month and show us your stuff! Between this post and Lindsay I'm pretty much sold already:)

    1. Hi Volree! And yay, I'm so glad you're interested! You will LOVE this stuff, it really is life-changing. :) Can't wait to see you next week!!

  2. Thank you for sharing this, Jesse! More people are now in search for a good product to take care of their skin and I believe yours will be one of those products. I just hope that you take advantage of the social media hype today, especially with Facebook refining their search engine to cater to more businesses. Good day and good luck!

    Vernia Soriano @One Sixty Fourth

  3. In selling beauty products, nothing is more effective and helpful in gaining more customers than being a living proof. Trying the products and experiencing its result can help you sell your products easily and faster. It's never easy to gain trust, but when they see the result right before their eyes, then, they'll surely go for it. Good luck, Jesse!

    -Clint Shaff @ FranchiseMatch

  4. This is an interesting one. I must say that cosmetics is one of the most sellable products and it’s good to hear that you enjoy working on it. Most of us invest big on beauty products and it will be great if the ones we’re using are really effective. Anyway, good luck on your business venture!

    Cameron Scott